Heather Brown (they/she) is an artist, photographer, and arts educator based in San Francisco. For their art practice, Brown incorporates a variety of mediums including film photography, fiber processes, metalworking, and filmmaking. Their work explores many themes both personal and universal, including gender and sexuality, mental health, capitalist decline, climate change, and existential dread. Brown often uses themself as the subject, creating unique self-portraits which serve in part as personal catharsis. Recently, they have incorporated fiber processes such as crochet to elevate the medium to the realm of fine art as well as challenge the stereotypes of prescribed domesticity and ‘women’s work’. Originally from East Tennessee, Brown has taken residency in a variety of global art capitals including New York City, Paris, Rome, Florence, Berlin, and Sydney. Brown received their BA from the University of North Carolina Asheville in 2016 and their MFA from San Jose State University in 2022.
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