Who's in control now? (2022) is an experimental art installation complimentary to my thesis project Self-Restraint. Viewers are instructed to enter the gallery on hands and knees as artwork is best viewed in a kneeling position. Within the gallery is a large scale black crocheted chain stitch canopy which prevents normal walking though the space. The artwork is displayed unusually at kneeling-eye height. For the works displayed, two small photographic triptychs and two crocheted bondage items are featured.

For this interactive experience, viewers may choose to obey and crawl or disobey and stand up, or simply not engage at all. The images however are too small to be viewed from the hallway and too low to be viewed standing up. Therefore, to gain the optimum viewing privilege the viewer must submit, bringing themselves low to the ground. Being now able to see clearly the photographs, the viewer is rewarded by the images themself.

The artist depicted in the imagery is both executing and withdrawing power. They are in control when the viewer submits and kneels to the ground before them. Simultaneously, the artist dually exists as a submissive. Being a mere photographic object, they are fully vulnerable in realm of the viewer's eye. Consequently, the artist and viewer share a complex and unique visual power dynamic. Who's in control now?

Artist Lucia Znamirowski interacting with the installation. Artist website: luciastudio.com.

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