Since finishing graduate school in the Spring of 2022, I have been fervently creating and experimenting with new and old mediums to continue my art practice. Some of these projects have been fruitful and interesting, while others complete mishaps. Recently I have been pondering my place within the art world. Though I'm not exactly sure what that may be, I relentlessly continue to explore and create.
Self-Portrait Diptychs
Fiber Art

Embroidery of an image from Self-Restraint

Filet Crochet Project: Such a Cunt
Female-associated expletives, used as derogatory insults by many, can also be equally empowering. Because it references a vagina, the term “cunt” is often regarded as the most forbidden curse word in Western societies. However, in the feminist classic Cunt by Inga Muscio, the term is reclaimed as one of power and resilience.
In this series, Such a Cunt, I am crocheting swear words negatively associated with women into frilly white patterns. The rudeness of these terms is shocking against the hyper-feminine and dated medium of filet crochet. By re-imagining a technique used by housewives of the past to make doilies, place mats, bed sheets, and other decorative domestic items, I am making complex conceptual works of art which further blur the lines of gendering in current society.
Bitch is a term often used to degrade women who are seen as too aggressive, dominant, opinionated, or independent from men. The historical use of the derogatory term is associated with a female dog in heat, used to describe women whose open sexuality did not conform to strict Victorian standards. Recently, the term has been reclaimed by feminists to signify a woman who is confident and assertive. In popular culture, the term ‘bad bitch’ is also an empowering title. Describing a woman who is attractive, self-assured, and powerful, this new use of the term is an example of how behaving like a bitch is considered a positive attribute.
8x10 Pinhole Camera
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